About Us

Charming Chats is a small Maine Coon Cattery located outside of Inwood Iowa in extreme Northwest Iowa.  We are close to  Sioux Falls, SD and the Minnesota border.

Our Story

Lisa's parents have had Maine Coons for the past two decades.  Their affection for this wonderful breed led Lisa and I to acquire our own Maine Coons.  This family bond led us to start our own Maine Coon breeding program in 2015.

In 2016 we had our first litter.  Rhett was the star of the show making his parents, Bogey and Lucy, very proud.  We invite you to become a part of our unfolding story.

Meet Team Charming Chats

Mark and Lisa Wheeler are the owners of Charming Chats Maine Coon Cats.

Option 2 Founder Photo

Mark Wheeler

Co-Founders & Chief Cat Pamperers

Charming Chats Cats manage to amaze!